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Three Ways To Wear Your Maxi Dress

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The maxi dress has become a must-have piece in your wardrobe because it’s perfectly suited to every occasion and every body shape. Whether your dress has straps or is strapless there are many ways you can wear it and understanding these different styles will help you maximise the appeal of your maxi!

1. Strapless Maxi Dress

Dresses are made to impress and you will certainly impress a few people when you wear a maxi. Strapless maxi dresses are suitable for everyone but more so for those who are lucky enough to be petite.
By choosing a well cut style and by choosing a dress that is snug and tight you can show off your figure perfectly. Choosing floral prints or light neutral colours can elongate your body and make you look taller whilst embracing the current fashion trends.

strapless maxi dresses

2. Maxi Dress with Straps

You will never be short of attention when you are wearing a maxi dress. The hem line flowing just about your feet and the back of the dress floating behind you as you glide across a room will make you feel like a million dollars.
After all, everyone deserves to look and feel their best and maxi dresses are the perfect way for you to achieve this. For women who have larger frames, the maxi dress with straps is perfect. If you decide to go for a wider strap then you can emphasise your narrow shoulders and upper body- perfect for long nights by the beach when on holiday.

Fashion and Cookies - maxi dress

I love my maxi dresses, comfy and perfect for Summer !

Fashion and Cookies - maxi dress

Fashion and Cookies - maxi dress

3. Accessorise your Maxi Dress

No dress is complete until you have added a few accessories to it. Although the dress itself will be stunning you want to add that extra touch and how you do this will affect the overall appearance of your outfit.
First things first, if the dress is too big around your waist then grab a belt. By putting the belt either in the smallest part of your waist or just below your bust line you can accentuate your best assets and make yourself appear taller and slimmer whilst achieving the chic and sophisticated look of a fashionista.

In terms of shoes, flat flip flops are perfect for those after a casual look whilst heels are ideal for those planning to wear their maxi on a night out. Jewellery can be as bold or as subtle as you like but remember to match it with the style of maxi you are wearing. Those with bold patterns should go for simple, plainer jewellery whilst those wearing a plain dress should look for statement pieces.

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  1. Ma quanto sono belli?!?!
    Adoro gli abiti lunghi!!!

  2. Bellissimi i maxi dress <3 Mi piacerebbe portarli ma vista la mi altezza sono quasi sempre troppo corti e cadono proprio male :(

  3. Belissimi i maxi dress amica!! Mi piacerebbe portali questo vestiti ma io sono troppo "small" per questo no é cosi elegante...

    un sacco di bacci


  4. Adoro gli abiti lunghi!


  5. Adoro questo post cosi come i maxi dress! I mei preferiti sono quelli proprio lunghi fino ai piedi e senza spallini.. peccato che quest'anno li abbia potuti sfoggiar poco essendo qui a Londra :(

    Un bacione


  6. Mi piacciono molto i maxi dress...quest'estate li ho indossati spesso la sera...:-)

  7. oh vale, this post is just full of happy maxi dress examples plus we got to see 2 different ones on you! :D yes, i like maxi dresses. i am definitely more of a heels & wedges girl. i don't favor flats, unless i'm at a concert, & have to stand all night.

  8. Great post! Maxi-dresses are just perfect for summer. Love them!

  9. I love maxidress!
    :) I invite you to visit my last post.
    if you dont follow me, can you do it? :) We are almost 600

  10. Great looks :)


  11. I love maxi dresses! Even if I only have one... but this one is perfect ;)


  12. Mi piace molto questo maxi dress. Baci.

  13. love maxi dresses on you!


  14. stupenda!
    adoro i maxi dress!

    new post!

  15. lovely post!really like your dress and your choices too.

  16. Love the dresses. I adore maxi dresses, but I never wear them. I dont know why haha. I really have to!


  17. I love maxi dresses in summer flowy and comfortable! gigi. food and beauty blogger @ www.gigikkitchen.blogspot.com

  18. I don't have any maxi dress. Still looking for the right one... xo


  19. Great post, I love maxi dresses! I prefer strapless ones on me because I'm petite and other styles are sometimes a bit much on me. But love all the dresses you have picked out here : )


  20. Purtroppo per me, un maxi dress mi darebbe solo l'opportunità di spazzare tutto il fango dalle strade di Bruxelles.

    Giulia @Giules.

    new post on http://giulesss.blogspot.com

  21. I agree, maxi dresses are perfect for summer - comfy, elegant, feminine and stylish. Yours is a great example!




  22. wow!! love this post!
    i love wearing maxi dress italways make me taller :)


  23. Love your maxi dresses! Got to start wearing mine before summer is over :)

  24. Amo i maxi dress peccato che l'altezza non mi aiuti affatto :S

    Con affetto,Mia

  25. I love wearing maxi dresses, and I agree with you - pairing them with heels is perfect! I love both of your looks, too - the prints on your dresses are so pretty!

    Hope you have a great weekend! :)

    sorelle in style

  26. A me piacciono tantissimo, ma....santo cielo quelli che trovo sono tutti adatti alle watusse....farei invidia alle migliori spose con strascico kmetrico. Oppure dovrei trovare un bel paio di trampoli di quelli da circo...perché un 15" non credo sarebbe sufficiente!
    Ahimé, dall'alto della mia quasi "nanità" continuo ad ammirarli sui manichini.....

  27. great post!!!i love maxi dresses :)

  28. mi piacciono tantissimo questi abiti, sono fantastici! =)
    ti seguo, mi piace il tuo blog.
    se ti va seguimi anche tu su http://thecatseyesmf.blogspot.it/2012/08/yellow-details.html
    ti aspetto, buona giornata <3

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