Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Good girl gone bad

I think fashion is also about having fun and having the chance to change our looks according to our mood, feelings and location. I admit I have different tastes...I find myself attracted both to very girly dresses, with a romantic, bon ton and vintage vibe and to more aggressive and sexy dresses. In this post I am gonna show you two different outfits I chose for two different moments...the first one is more romantic and girly, with the light rose dress and the second one was used from me on my birthday, that tiger print from D&G is surely more aggressive. I like them both and feel at ease with both the styles !. Mind you, it depends also on the moment when the clothes are worn...the first "romantic" outfit was for a walk in the afternoon, the second one was for the evening at the restaurant and then at the club dancing ;-).
Do you also like to change your style completely, according to the moment or do you prefer keeping the same style all the time changing only little details ?.

Credo che la moda sia fatta anche per divertirsi ed avere la possibilità di cambiare look a seconda del proprio umore, dei propri sentimenti e del luogo. Ammetto di avere gusti molto variabili...mi trovo attratta sia da abiti molto romantici, da "brava ragazza" e di ispirazione vintage che da abiti iper femminili e più sexy. In questo post ho deciso di mostrarvi due outfit diversi che corrispondono a due momenti diversi della primo è più romantico e girly, con l'abito bon ton color rosa chiaro e il secondo è relativo alla sera del mio compleanno - con la stampa tigrata di D&G - sicuramente molto più aggressivo...mi piacciono tutti e due e mi sento a mio agio con entrambi gli stili !. Ovviamente, dipende anche dal momento in cui gli abiti vengono indossati, infatti il primo outfit "romantico" era per una passeggiata pomeridiana, il secondo per la sera, trascorsa prima al ristorante e poi in un club a ballare ;-).
Che mi dite di voi, preferite anche voi cambiare completamente stile a seconda del momento o preferite seguire sempre lo stesso stile cambiando magari solo qualche dettaglio ?.

Click on each pic to enlarge !

Good girl...

Dress: Appletree Boutique
Belt: It's a scarf from Stradivarius used as a belt
Shoes: Cristhelen B. - bought in Soho, New York
Bag: Gucci "Sukey"
Sunnies: Ray Ban

Pearl necklace: Xmas gift from my hubby
Watch: Casio
Nail polish: Chanel - Quartz

A special mention for those shoes I bought in New York, it was love at first sight !

Good girl gone bad...

Dress: D&G
Stole: Zara
Shoes: Rosellina

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Flower Power

The week-end is here and in spite of the weather forecast, it's still summer on most part of Italy :-), so today I wanna smile and take advantage of the sunny and warm weather to go out and have a long walk.
When the rain is going to arrive here, I have good plans as well...staying home watching all my fave tv series ! I am so excited about watching Gossip Girl new season (starting soon), Glee season 3 (already started), How I met your Mother (started), and also I am looking forward to seeing "Terranova", the new serie starting soon on Fox !. What are your fave tv series ? I love fashion but I also like tv series and many other things of course ;-).

Il weekend è arrivato e a dispetto delle previsioni meteo è ancora estate su gran parte dell'Italia :-), così oggi voglio essere felice e approfittare del tempo caldo e soleggiato per uscire e fare una lunga passeggiata.
Quando la pioggia arriverà, sarò pronta ad accoglierla, ho ottimi piani...restarmene a casa a guardare tutte le mie serie tv preferite ! Non sto nella pelle per i nuovi episodi di Gossip Girl (inzierà presto), la stagione 3 di Glee (già iniziata), How I met your Mother (iniziata) e non vedo l'ora anche di vedere "Terranova", la nuova serie su Fox !. Quali sono le vostre serie tv preferite ?. Io adoro la moda ma ovviamente non è il mio unico interesse, mi piacciono le serie tv (preferibilmente in lingua originale) e anche molte altre cose ;-).

Sunnies: Chanel

Top: Springfield woman
Skirt: Free people (bought in NY)
Belt: No brand
Bag: Juicy Couture
Shoes: Icone

Nail polish: Chanel - Mimosa

Watch: Casio

In the past I would have never mixed different floral patterns like this, now the more time goes by the braver I feel about trying new things, I am pretty satisfied with the result, I have to say ! Moreover that belt has been in my wardrobe for quite a long time and I was happy to use it cause I like it a lot !.
When I entered the Free People shop in Soho (NY) it was love at first sight with this skirt, I had to buy it immediately ! The mixture of floral patterns on it is so original ! To be sincere I also wanted to buy a pair of lace bell bottom pants I saw in there but I realized they were totally transparent and I imagined the looks I'd get here at home, so I gave up, LOL :-).

In passato avrei avuto degli scrupoli a mischiare due stampe floreali, ora più passa il tempo più mi sento coraggiosa nel provare nuovi accostamenti, sono abbastanza soddisfatta del risultato, devo dire ! In più quella cintura è nel mio armadio da parecchio e sono stata contenta di adoperarla, mi piace molto !.
Quando entrai nel bellissimo negozio Free People a Soho (NY) è stato amore a prima vista per questa gonna, ho dovuto comprarla immediatamente ! Adoro il mix di diverse stoffe floreali, molto originale !. Ad essere sincera, avevo adocchiato anche un paio di pantaloni a zampa in pizzo ma ho capito che erano completamente trasparenti e ho immaginato gli sguardi che avrei attirato una volta a casa, così ho rinunciato, LOL ;-).


Monday, September 19, 2011

Blue is the color of freedom

What's better than a comfy leather tote and a pair of comfy heels to go out for shopping ? :-) The other day a girl asked me about those sandals whilst I was in a shop, she said she liked them and wanted to know the brand and where I had bought them. Sometimes it happens to me too to look at someone's outfit and wish to know where their clothes and shoes come from, I have to say I am normally a bit shy when it comes to asking for an information, a thing that is so easy on a blog is not as easy in everyday life ! ;-). It made me think that we should be more open to networking also in our town, with those around us. Anyway, I have many shoes but those are surely one of the comfiest pair of high heeled sandals I bought for this summer !.
I was also wearing that leather tote bag from Diesel, I like the color, very "Tiffany blue", it was love at first sight with that bag I found on sale, I couldn't believe my eyes cause I am not so lucky when it comes to bargains !. What about you, are you usually lucky when it comes to sales ?.
Now I going to download some more apps for my brand new Ipad 2, it was my birthday present from hubby :-) and I am so happy with it !. Thank you for your birthday wishes and for your kind comments !. I will introduce you to my new Bag soon ;-). Before I post this...Go and watch Super 8 at the movies, I loved it and I keep being a huge JJ Abrams fan !.

Cosa c'è di meglio di una comoda borsa a spalla e un paio di tacchi alti ma comodi per un giro di shopping ? :-) L'altro giorno una ragazza mi ha fermata per chiedermi informazioni su questi sandali mentre ero intenta a fare shopping, voleva sapere di che marca erano e dove li avevo comprati. A volte succede anche me di guardare il look di qualcuno e di desiderare di conoscere da dove vengano i vestiti e le scarpe, devo ammettere che non lo faccio spesso in quanto divento un po' timida, una cosa tanto facile da chiedere su un blog non è altrettanto facile nella vita di tutti i giorni !. Mi è venuto da pensare che dovremmo essere più aperti al networking anche nella nostra città, con coloro che ci circondano ;-). Comunque, devo dire che ho molte scarpe ma questi sandali sono sicuramente tra i più comodi comprati nel corso di questa estate !.
Indossavo anche questa tote bag in pelle di Diesel, mi piace il colore, molto "Blue Tiffany", è stato amore a prima vista per questa borsa che ho trovato a saldo, proprio io che di solito non ho fortuna e non riesco mai a risparmiare ! . Che mi dite di voi, di solito siete fortunate con i saldi ?.
Ora vado a scaricare qualche bella app per il mio nuovo Ipad 2, regalo di compleanno del mio maritino :-), ne sono entusiasta !. Grazie per i vostri auguri e per i commenti !. Vi farò conoscere la mia nuova Borsa molto presto ;-).
Prima che finisca questo post...andate a vedere Super 8, a me è piaciuto tantissimo e confermo la mia ammirazione per JJ Abrams ! :-).

Dress: Mango
Sunnies: Chanel
Bag: Diesel
Shoes: Loriblu

Necklace: Tiffany - bought in NY


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lipstick jungle !!!

Besides fashion, make up is another big passion of mine. I am a compulsive make up buyer, I buy too many beauty products so I end up with boxes stuffed with products I have only used once...I just can't help it ! I am owner of a gold customer card at Sephora and also at Limoni perfume shops !. I am gonna answer to some questions about lipsticks now, they were passed me, or should I say I was tagged by one of my best twitter friends and lovely fellow blogger, Ilaria from Make Up compulsivo, so here I am, ready to answer and I am gonna use english only mostly cause I don't wanna bore myself with translating twice and I don't wanna duplicate the pics, so bear with me italian readers, next time I am gonna do the double language posting again !.

My beauty corner...two drawers full with make up items plus various boxes on the top...:-)

1. How many lipsticks do you have ?
Well, I have many lipsticks, even tho I also buy glosses very often but this survey is about lipsticks so I will count them only...I have 47 lipsticks !

2. What is the first lipstick you have ever bought ?
I think I was 13 and it was pink, from Deborah LOL

3. What is the last lipstick you have bought ? A neutral lipstick from Estee Lauder, n. 12 "Beige" from autumn-winter new collection

4. What is your fave lipstick brand ?

Chanel, the "Rouge Allure" series and I also have a soft spot for those from Yves Saint Laurent, they're excellent and I love their packaging !

5. Fave pink lipstick ?
It's hard to answer to that, cause most of my lipsticks are pink, I will say one from Dior, Dior Addict n. 669 Rose Starlet. I also love n. 74 "Comedia" from Chanel Rouge Allure.

6. Fave nude lipstick ?
Chanel Coco Shine BOY n. 54

7. Fave peach/coral lipstick ?

I'll say 187 Genial - Chanel...again Chanel !

8. Fave red lipstick ?
This is so easy, it's n. 14 from Chanel, Rouge Allure, the name is Passion and I sure have a passion for it ! I adore it, to me this is the best red lipstick ever, both color and result on the lips, it's soft and stays put for hours and hours !

9. Fave purple lipstick ?
I don't use this color often, but last year somebody told me purple really looks good on me and then I had an excuse to rush into the shop and I ended up buying a Lancome lipstick, it's very nice, it's n. 330 - Rouge Absolu from Lancome !

10. Fave fuchsia lipstick ?
I adore the one from Guerlain, with a tiny mirror inside the packaging :) Rouge G Serie Noir from Guerlain, limited edition n. 70 and another one from Estee Lauder, I remember leaving my boyfriend in the middle of a parking lot with a broken car to rush into Sephora and buy was all worth it, it lasts sooo much and it's fab !

11. Weird fave color ?
I think it's the past I thought it wasn't a good idea to wear an orange lipstick also cause it makes your teeth seem yellow LOL but then I followed this summer's the way, that time I went into the shop to buy it we got stuck inside Limoni shop cause the automatic doors broke and we couldn't get out ! :-D. The lipstick is YSL n. 15, as following

12. Fave dark color ?
I don't like dark colors much on me...everytime I end up buying them I regret it cause I think dark lip color makes me look older, anyway I'll say this one from Dior, n. 993 Prune's so dark on my lips !

13. Fave texture/finish ?
I prefer creamy that don't end up drying the lips too much but also don't end up on the corners of your lips. I confess I am also lazy so I don't use often the lip liner and then I prefer lipsticks that don't necessarily need a lip liner before !

14. Other fave lipsticks ?
The more I have them, the more I want them...moreover many lipsticks I have are inside my bags, I always carry make up products with me and more than one shade of lipstick to change my make up during the day :)

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

A bit of Soho with me

When travelling, I like to buy clothes and accessories as souvenirs, then when I wear them or use them it's like I bring a bit of the place where I bought them with me. Well, the dress you see in this outfit was bought during my unforgettable honeymoon in New York, in a Soho shop, it's called "Think closet". New York truly is the City of my dreams and I am planning another trip there next year. I will sure spend more time in the Greenwich Village and in Soho, two neighborhoods I have liked very much so far !. Until now, I can only think back at my holiday in one of the most amazing places on earth and especially today that is 9/11, I could say many things about the emotions I felt when visited the memorial but this is a fashion blog and I wouldn't wanna mix something so serious with something frivolous about a tragedy the world will never forget.

Quando viaggio, mi piace comprare abiti e accessori come dei souvenirs, così quando li indosso o utilizzo è come portare un po' del posto che ho visitato con me. L'abito che vedete in queste foto è stato comprato nel corso della mia indimenticabile luna di miele a New York, in un negozio di Soho, si chiama "Think closet". New York è veramente la città dei miei sogni e sto pensando di tornarci in viaggio l'anno prossimo e sicuramente vedrò di trascorrere più tempo al Greenwich Village e a Soho, due quartieri che mi sono piaciuti particolarmente !. Fino ad allora, posso solo ricordare la mia vacanza in uno dei posti più incredibili della terra e in particolare oggi, che è l'11/9, potrei dire tante cose in merito alle sensazioni che ho provato quando ho visitato il memorial ma questo è un blog di moda ed è difficile per me parlare di qualcosa di così serio in un contesto frivolo, a proposito di una tragedia che il mondo non dimenticherà mai.

Pics snapped by me in Soho, after going shopping...

Floral dress: S J Trust - bought in Soho
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Shoes: Baltarini
Sunnies: Chanel
Necklace: Tiffany

Somebody asked me to explain how I did to move my followers to the new blog address (in my case, a domain) so that they didn't have to join on Bloglovin again if they were already following my blog. Well, if you go to your Bloglovin account, go under "Support", there are some Frequently Asked Question, one is "I have changed my blog address, can I move my followers?", the answer is that you have to go to your old blog and write a new post saying that you are moving and include a link to your new blog. When you have published the post on your old blog, use the form you find on the Bloglovin page and they will do the rest. Mind you, you have to add the other Blog on the same account, once they move followers they'll delete the old blog from your Bloglovin account automatically. I have to say the support at Bloglovin is excellent and fast ! Hope I was helpful.
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Alcuni mi hanno chiesto come spostare i followers da Bloglovin in caso di cambio di indirizzo del proprio blog (nel mio caso, si tratta di un dominio), in modo che i vecchi followers non debbano iscriversi di nuovo. Beh, dovete andare nel vostro account di Bloglovin su "Support" e una delle domande è proprio "ho cambiato indirizzo, posso spostare i miei followers ?". La risposta è affermativa, si tratta di scrivere un post (sul blog dal nuovo indirizzo) dove si annuncia il cambiamento e di includervi il nuovo link a Bloglovin oltre a segnalare il nuovo indirizzo. Una volta pubblicato il post, si utilizza il form che si trova sotto la risposta alla domanda sul support di Bloglovin e loro faranno il resto. Ovviamente, dovrete prima iscrivere il nuovo blog nel medesimo account, in modo da avere iscritti entrambi i blog. Una volta spostati i followers da un blog ad un altro, il vecchio blog sarà cancellato direttamente dal vostro account e diventerà il vostro unico blog per Bloglovin. Devo dire che Bloglovin ha un supporto veramente eccellente e veloce !. Spero di essere stata utile.
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Thursday, September 08, 2011

New domain !

This blog has reached more than 1000 followers and I'd like to thank each one of you SO much for following and generally everyone who commented :-). I'll get to each one of you asap !.
This post is just to let you know that the blog has now a domain name, it's We're on transitional mode now, so the old address is still working but some widgets such as google friend connect might not work properly, so if you're not redirected to the new address, just switch to and you'll see it working fine ! Thank you !.

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Questo blog ha raggiunto oltre i 1000 lettori fissi e vorrei ringraziarvi tutti tantissimo per essere followers e in generale tutti per i vostri commenti :-). Visiterò tutti i vostri blog al più presto !.
Questo post è per farvi sapere che il blog ha adesso un dominio, è Siamo in regime di transizione, il vecchio indirizzo funziona ancora ma alcuni widget come ad esempio google friend connect potrebbero non essere visualizzati correttamente, così se non siete stati automaticamente reindirizzati al nuovo indirizzo, andate su e vedrete tutto funzionare come al solito ! Grazie !.

PS Ho dovuto aggiustare l'indirizzo del blog su Bloglovin, pertanto non dimenticate di Seguire il mio blog con Bloglovin, se non lo facevate già ! Grazie ! :)


Sunday, September 04, 2011

I love my shoes !

I've got interviewed by Design with love about one of my fave subjects of all ! I am such a shoeaholic...since the interview is in italian, I am gonna translate it in english for my blog. Italian readers can go directly there to read it !. I am also gonna show you a few pics of my shoe closet.

Sono stata intervistata da Design with love su uno degli argomenti che preferisco da sempre...le scarpe ! Sono proprio una maniaca delle scarpe...siccome l'intervista è in italiano, ho pensato di tradurla in inglese per il mio blog e anche di mostrarvi delle foto diverse della mia scarpiera. Per leggerla, ecco il link !.

Who's behind your blog ?
My name's Valentina, I live in a lovely town on the Adriatic sea dreaming to be in New York City !. I have a degree in Economics and work in an Office, where my collegues every morning have fun looking at my oufits even before saying hello, lol.
I think I am a creative person, a dreamer but down to earth at the same time, stubborn and ironic. Besides blogging on my blog "Fashion and Cookies" I enjoy going to the cinema, dancing, watching my fave tv series in original language, travelling, discovering new places, new restaurants, I have a passion for interior design, make up and of course, shopping in general !.
I don't have a usual style, I like to change but I mostly like to dress up smart, with a personal touch to each outfit. I am also a nerd, a Star Trek fan, an Internet fan and the last news about technology, a nerd loving to dress up well, with high heels and well done make up ;-), with a handbag always too full with necessary items !.

How long have you been interested in fashion ?
I have always been into fashion ! Since when I was a kid I loved to look up the fashion magazines and one of my fave games was cutting up the pics from Vogue and making up collages with them...besides the fact my Barbie dolls were always so stylishly dressed ! I've been encouraged also from my boyfriend (now husband) to open up the blog, not cause I think I am an expert in fashion, but mostly to have fun and share with my followers or simply readers, my passion about clothes, shoes and trends.
Having a blog is like having many "friends" to show off your latest buys or outfits, and it's what we all do with our close friends and that thanks to the blogs network we can do with many people from all over the world, sharing ideas, proposals and styles !.

Why do women love shoes that much ?
I think the right shoes can, much more than other items, make the right outfit, it makes us look thinner, it makes us women more self conscious and attractive, it can make us feel more "diva" with men and, let's say it, compared to other women, too ;-).

What is your fave kind of shoe and why ?
I love high heeled shoes, 12 or 15 cm. and since there's the plateau trend they're even comfier to walk on. I like to feel taller and more feminine ! I love the classic "pumps" but I have to say I am also a big fan of ankle boots, always with very high heels, cause I can wear them for a longer time without feeling tired, even when I have to walk a lot.

Do you prefer having loads of shoes for a cheap price but low quality changing them often or a few shoes with a high quality ?
I have loads of shoes and I always look for good quality. I don't buy fake leather shoes that can be harmful for my feet or made with bad components. I admit I cannot go cheap on shoes but I also cannot buy only a couple of expensive ones for each season, cause I like to change them often and I always find a good excuse to buy one more pair of shoes and add them to my collection !. "I need it" "That's what I wanted !" "I only wanna try it !" are my usual phrases when I get fascinated by the right pair of shoes.

What do you look for in a pair of shoes ?
The beauty...I have to like the model, the color and also the fabric/leather.
Obviously, beauty is in the eye of the shoe-owner - I like to think back at my grandma's look when I was sporting a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes, I was so proud of them yet she said they looked like Dr Frankenstein's shoes ! I admit I am attracted by the classic shapes, something like 50s style, but also from the really weird futuristic ones and from the 70s style shapes, very "Disco Inferno".

Is there a relationship between shoes and mood ?
They say "the lower I feel, the higher my heel", and I like to feel better by buying a new pair of high heeled shoes !.

Is there a color you have more often in your shoe rack ?
I have always had my weak spot with black color but I have bought many colored shoes and now it looks like a rainbow.

What is the added value you perceive in Italian shoes?
For sure it's the quality leather, the little details...there's nothing worse than a pair of shoes that seem to be pretty only when you look from far away but that when you look with attention are badly cut and sewed !.

Is it possible to express sensuality through the shoes ? How ?
I think a few men can resist the message of a fetish heel or strings around a beautiful ankle...and a woman knows it !.

How do you choose the shoes for your outfits ?
I love shoes so much that often I buy them before and only after I think about how wearing them, anyway I open my shoes closet and I can find different shoes....I have so many that in order to have them in my closet I have to ask my parents to keep all the other seasons' shoes in their house, so that I have only the ones I use for the season in my closet. I could never fit all my shoes in the closet, never !.

Can you think of some other sector linked to creativity (music, comics, literature, cinema, design, ...) where shoes play an important role?
I think shoes have an important role in any sector linked to the movies, you can think about the important role of the music, we have artists like Lady Gaga, part of her (deserved) success is also on the fashion side (I cannot immagine her without a pair of extravagant shoes, probably wedges).

What will be your next pair of shoes or a future trend that you expect?
I expect glittery details on the shoes (i.e. Miu Miu shoes), the trekking style boots with high heels and python prints/leather...I will surely buy something like that and even what else !.

Where can we follow you ?
My blog "Fashion and Cookies" (this one, LOL)
On twitter: valelavale

A last thought about shoes to conclude the interview?
The most beautiful shoe is the one I haven't bought yet !.

And what about you, are you also shoe addicted like me or is there another fashion item you are totally crazy for ?.


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