Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lipstick jungle !!!

Besides fashion, make up is another big passion of mine. I am a compulsive make up buyer, I buy too many beauty products so I end up with boxes stuffed with products I have only used once...I just can't help it ! I am owner of a gold customer card at Sephora and also at Limoni perfume shops !. I am gonna answer to some questions about lipsticks now, they were passed me, or should I say I was tagged by one of my best twitter friends and lovely fellow blogger, Ilaria from Make Up compulsivo, so here I am, ready to answer and I am gonna use english only mostly cause I don't wanna bore myself with translating twice and I don't wanna duplicate the pics, so bear with me italian readers, next time I am gonna do the double language posting again !.

My beauty corner...two drawers full with make up items plus various boxes on the top...:-)

1. How many lipsticks do you have ?
Well, I have many lipsticks, even tho I also buy glosses very often but this survey is about lipsticks so I will count them only...I have 47 lipsticks !

2. What is the first lipstick you have ever bought ?
I think I was 13 and it was pink, from Deborah LOL

3. What is the last lipstick you have bought ? A neutral lipstick from Estee Lauder, n. 12 "Beige" from autumn-winter new collection

4. What is your fave lipstick brand ?

Chanel, the "Rouge Allure" series and I also have a soft spot for those from Yves Saint Laurent, they're excellent and I love their packaging !

5. Fave pink lipstick ?
It's hard to answer to that, cause most of my lipsticks are pink, I will say one from Dior, Dior Addict n. 669 Rose Starlet. I also love n. 74 "Comedia" from Chanel Rouge Allure.

6. Fave nude lipstick ?
Chanel Coco Shine BOY n. 54

7. Fave peach/coral lipstick ?

I'll say 187 Genial - Chanel...again Chanel !

8. Fave red lipstick ?
This is so easy, it's n. 14 from Chanel, Rouge Allure, the name is Passion and I sure have a passion for it ! I adore it, to me this is the best red lipstick ever, both color and result on the lips, it's soft and stays put for hours and hours !

9. Fave purple lipstick ?
I don't use this color often, but last year somebody told me purple really looks good on me and then I had an excuse to rush into the shop and I ended up buying a Lancome lipstick, it's very nice, it's n. 330 - Rouge Absolu from Lancome !

10. Fave fuchsia lipstick ?
I adore the one from Guerlain, with a tiny mirror inside the packaging :) Rouge G Serie Noir from Guerlain, limited edition n. 70 and another one from Estee Lauder, I remember leaving my boyfriend in the middle of a parking lot with a broken car to rush into Sephora and buy was all worth it, it lasts sooo much and it's fab !

11. Weird fave color ?
I think it's the past I thought it wasn't a good idea to wear an orange lipstick also cause it makes your teeth seem yellow LOL but then I followed this summer's the way, that time I went into the shop to buy it we got stuck inside Limoni shop cause the automatic doors broke and we couldn't get out ! :-D. The lipstick is YSL n. 15, as following

12. Fave dark color ?
I don't like dark colors much on me...everytime I end up buying them I regret it cause I think dark lip color makes me look older, anyway I'll say this one from Dior, n. 993 Prune's so dark on my lips !

13. Fave texture/finish ?
I prefer creamy that don't end up drying the lips too much but also don't end up on the corners of your lips. I confess I am also lazy so I don't use often the lip liner and then I prefer lipsticks that don't necessarily need a lip liner before !

14. Other fave lipsticks ?
The more I have them, the more I want them...moreover many lipsticks I have are inside my bags, I always carry make up products with me and more than one shade of lipstick to change my make up during the day :)

Tomorrow is my I will be a bit slower with replies and follows but I will get back to you asap ! In the meantime...don't forget to bloglovin also with Bloglovin ! Thank you :)



  1. this is the Holly Bible of lipstick!!!JUST AWSOME!!

  2. e dopo l'armadio delle scarpe da mobile dei trucchi da sogno!

  3. Lipstick wonderland!!! I love Comedia too. Genial looks really lovely. :)

  4. Great post!:)

  5. Ouh, nice lippies! Just bought YSL and I'm looovin' it! ;D

  6. wow I would love to have your make-up collection! looks like so much fun!
    xo kait

  7. I love Your lipstick, thats so sweet.;-)
    I don't have to much cosmetics, You have this for 5 person.:D

  8. I love chanel!

  9. so many pretty colors! love it!

  10. wow you have sooo many beautiful things!!:)) hope you'll have a good day tomorrow xxx


  11. Wow! Great collection of lipstics!! :D Of course we can follow each other:)

    Visit my blog

  12. woow you have everything, shoes, clothes make up, really envious *-*

  13. I'm a big fan of Chanel myself :) I hope you have a wonderful birthday

  14. You have quite the makeup collection.

  15. Wow! What a great makeup collection!

  16. Love this post. Great picks. <3

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog. You should check it out.


  17. Amazing :) I love that orange lipstick <3

  18. love the first pic so much!

    have a wonderful day!

  19. Oh wow! So jelous of your gorgeous lipstick collection missy!


  20. ma ne hai tantissimi *_* ke belli! tanti auguri di buon compleanno!

  21. Thanks for following me, following you too, kisses

  22. Thanks for your comment ;)
    Your collection of lipsticks is amazing, like your collection of shoes, i'm in love for all this stuff that you had.
    And i love to buy a pair of boots Hunter, the last four it's my dream.
    I'm following your blog. Follow me back?
    Kiss <3

  23. great post can't believe you have so many lipsticks!

  24. Hey Vale thanks for your coment!
    Love you blog. i will follow you now. Love the blog!
    Loooooovee all the lipsticks! Belissímos!!
    Also your blog will be good to imparare il mio italiano!!Che non e cosi buono...

  25. The Lancome´s lipsticks are my favourites! ♥
    xxxo from Argentina
    you can also follow me on Twitter! :) @angelieeee

  26. Omg, Uve got so much make-up!!!! love it!!!

    And the nude lipstick is a must have, plus the pink chanel one!!!


  27. Wow now that is a collection!
    ♥ Shia

  28. Loved seeing some of your collection. Have a fantastic birthday.

  29. Your little beauty corner is super cute!!

  30. Oh my gosh! This is one of my favourite blog posts ever. I love everything about it. You have 47 lipsticks! Impressive!

  31. Wow! You have a lot of make up products!

  32. oh wow girl...this has to be the most cosmetics I've ever seen someone own at one time. pretty impressive collection I must say!!
    I want to start wearing lipstick more! but i feel like I lose anything lip related! but I feel sophisticated when I wear lipstick haha


  33. thankyou for your comment, Little Shit seem's to big a big hit. Im following your blog.

  34. Thanks so much for your comment.
    Love lippie's and these colours are gorgeous x
    Im already following your fab blog x
    Look forward to your next post,hope you have a fab weekend :)

  35. omg!! is all that yours??? :-D
    **N I T A**

  36. I love your blog because is so cute and this post with your make up are great"


  37. How amazing are lipsticks!? Wow! Great inspirational post! Thank you for stopping by blog, leaving a comment and following. I am now your newest follower :)

  38. Amazing how many lipsticks you have. I love Dior.
    Happy birthday, Kisses from Spain.

  39. Que coisa maaaaais linda *-*
    sonhei. hehe


  40. Oh, i love lipsticks so much! These Chanels are wonderful!

  41. Holy Moly! Oh wow! I'm still laughing about the gold Sephora card! HAHAHA I love sephora! I've been looking for a great beige lipstick, so I appreciate your suggestions. Great stuff!

    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  42. Oh I am also addicted to lipstick! Great post - I so enjoyed reading and looking at the photos! X

  43. Great post!!!!!! I love make up too...!!!
    Visit me in and tell me if you like my last look...!!!!

  44. I want all of them! :)


  45. Great post, dear ^^

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  46. what an adorable lipstick ! And you have a lovely blog.
    by the way..mind to visit and follow me? I'll follow you back then :)

  47. Cuantas cosas!!me acabo de quedar asombrada,jajaja

  48. Great post!! That is a lot of makeup!!

  49. Felicidades por tu cumpleaños. Está claro que eres una auténtica experta. Cuántas cosas! María José.

  50. the right pink is always great on anyone!

  51. Hi !! Thanks for the comment; great blog ;)

    Kisses, Dahiana =)

  52. Your blog is amazing.
    It would be a pleasure to follow each other. Kisses

  53. Amazing lipsticks!
    Thanks for the comment, we love your blog! x

  54. Hello, thanks again!

    It doesnt say your following me?

  55. Im so glad to know Im not the only compulsive makeup buyer... Sometimes you just can't help yourself. I love the shade btw.


  56. feliz cumpleanos! sorry i'm late. i hope it was a great day. :)

  57. You really have tons of stuff!!!
    Love all of your proposals!
    My favourite neutral lipstick is the "Beige Félin" from the Rouge Coco collection by Chanel.
    So incredible! I really recomend it to you!


  58. wow..that's a lot of lipstick... I wish I could be able to own such amazing beauty products. Even if I had atleast 1/3rd of that, I would be jumping with joy. lol.. great post though.

    Also, I'm also following you in Bloglovin.. :)

  59. Wow! Your beauty corner is amazing... :)

  60. I'm so mad with all this lipstick... I start my collection too !



  61. Love your choices! Thanks :)


  62. Hi sweet, I would love to follow you for a follow :) these lipsticks are all gorgeous - my fave out of them is the nude Chanel one though!

    Louisejoyb xo | Bits&Bobs

  63. INSANE!! i love my lippy too, but you def put me too shame!! hehe xx

  64. Im gonna be following, though I dont understand everything :P Check my blog too and if you want follow

  65. Ahahahahah! Scusa è vero sei italiana lo so... ci sto facendo l'abitudine a scrivere i commenti in inglese... :P
    E so benissimo che mi segui gia... Ho sbagliato alla grande ieri! :P

  66. Hi :-)

    Thank you for your lovely comment.
    Im following you now <3

  67. Great post! Thanks so much for sharing your favourites1!



  68. OOoooooh. OBSESSIONS! I love makeup too. I agree, the YSL packaging is great. I love your makeup kit.


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