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Daily Goal Setter Planner review

Daily Goal Setter Planner review on Fashion and Cookies fashion blog

Journaling is great to keep track of your goals: my review of the Daily Goal Setter Planner

I have found a great Planner I wanna tell you about: the Daily Goal Setter planner. It is great to overcome procrastination and get your tasks done to achieve a better productivity. Maybe it's also because I am a Virgo and I am a very focused person, but I NEED to set my goals and also I love to be consistent, therefore I consider the start of Fall as the perfect time to get a new planner.
A planner is very helpful to follow my ambitions because:
- it favores mind decluttering
- it keeps our mind clear and ready to set the best goals
- it is a valid tool to practice gratitude and to keep a positive mindset

I am a mobile phone person and I also have Alexa to help me, but nothing is as satisfying as writing down my tasks and goals with a pen. The Daily Goal Setter Planner is elegant and stylish and extremely useful. It is wonderful to structure your days and helpful when it comes to achieving your goals. It is also designed to prioritise your tasks - sometimes I have to admit I cannot do everything, I have to choose what to achieve first and also keep track of my results.

La mia recensione del Daily Goal Setter Planner

L'inizio dell'autunno è perfetto per regalarsi un nuovo Planner e in questo post ne recensisco uno meraviglioso: il Daily Goal Setter Planner è elegante, stiloso e utilissimo, con la sua copertina rigida in nero, grigio o rosa. Con questo pratico e innovativo Planner è possibile strutturare e organizzare le proprie giornate aumentando la propria produttività e fissando gli obiettivi più importanti da raggiungere. Mi piace il fatto che vi siano stampate delle frasi di incoraggiamento e di gratitudine e che ci sia lo spazio per inserirne delle proprie. Mi sento di consigliarvelo sia per l'ottima fattura che per la praticità e l'originalità con cui è stato strutturato. Sebbene io mi senta una donna legata alla tecnologia, mi piace scrivere a penna sia i miei obiettivi che i miei risultati e utilizzare un Planner così bello rende il tutto più facile, utile e veloce! Lo trovate sul sito che spedisce in tutto il mondo.

Daily Goal Setter Planner review on Fashion and Cookies fashion blog

A nice tool to feel more confident, positive and productive

With a busy schedule, a lot of interests as well as office work and my hobbies, the blog, my dance classes, the gym and so on, I need to stay focused on my goals and since I have been using my Daily Goal Setter Planner I feel more confident, positive and productive. It lasts for 6 months and comes in black, grey and pink. I love it because it's not only a goals journal but it is also a gratitude tool - with gratitude quotes all around and also space to write down my own expressions of gratitude. Also, keeping track of my reached goals is important to appreciate how far I have come, it is a real self esteem boost. If you are into organization of your life and into a happy revolution of it, you can't miss this one! Decluttering our minds, fixing goals, letting to of unimportant tasks are all important things to have a happier life and as you know this is one of my top priorities. 
You can order your hard copy of the Daily Goal Setter planner to Mål Paper and it will come to you in no time! What do you think about planners/organizers? Do you love them as much as I do?

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